When MyShubhLife disburses a loan, the repayment process will be explained to the customer in detail including amount, tenure and schedule of repayment. In case their repayment goes into overdue status we will follow strict guidelines outlined by RBI to recover those dues via multiple channels- SMS, Email, Call or in person. Our collection policy is built on courtesy, fair treatment and persuasion by which we foster customer relationships in the long run. Our agents abide by the following Dos and Don’ts to help serve our customers better.

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Appearance, dress code
  • Well Groomed
  • Clean & Tidy
  • No long unkempt hair
  • Shirt sleeves rolled up
  • Formals
  • Introduce yourself with identity card
  • Use formal address
  • Tone should be polite yet assertive and firm
  • No chappals or sandals
  • Do not get tough or aggressive or abusive
  • Do not lose temper, get angry or even irritated irrespective of reason
  • Pitch should not be high
  • Decency and decorum to be maintained
  • Identity Card, Letter of authority
  • Diary for writing the information gathered
  • Should not get personal
  • Collector should not make any verbal or written promises to customer on matters outside his preview or on product features
  • No personal dealings with customers
  • Fair and ethical in your dealings with customers
  • Unauthorized information written or verbal cannot be divulged to any customer / competitor / any other person
  • No information on the customers to be shared with other customers
Information and Confidentiality
  • Collection interaction should be based on courtesy, fair treatment and persuasion
  • Present all the information required to by the customer in an orderly fashion
  • Loan details should be shared with the customer or the person authorized by the customer only in writing
  • Do not share the Loan details other than customer without customer consent
Process Product Discipline
  • Collectors will perform their role within the framework of the instructions issued to them and specifics of collection procedure based on the product.
  • No physical contact with the customer
  • Earliest : 07:00 hours , Latest : 19:00 hours
Mode of Payment /Reconciliation
  • Customers should be advised to pay through electronic mode, using respective lenders virtual account / UPI links.
  • No payment should be collected without issuing an authorized receipt
Contact Number
  • Correct contact number needs to be captured while submitting the proof of payment received.
  • Incorrect contact number should not be captured
  • Contact number of self/other executives should not be captured
KYC Norms
  • All documents of KYC should be correct & latest details need to be provided
  • Do not provide any Fake / Incorrect KYC
  • An ID Card needs to return to the agency in case of a planned leave more than three days.
Call Recordings
  • Each & every call made to the customer should be through the recorded phones only & recording need to be store as per norms
  • Do not call the customer from numbers where a recording facility is not available
Self Introduction
  • Introduce yourself & the organization before starting the customer communication during a visit or call
  • Do not hide your/organization name while making collection visit/call
  • All waiver / Settlement approval should be communicated to the customer in written only after taking approval from competent authority from "MyShubhLife".
  • Do not make a wrong commitment to the customer
Data Security
  • All sensitive customer-related data should be in safe custody.
  • Do not share customer information through unauthorized mediums.