Datasigns Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company) operating under the Brand Name “MyShubhLife” is a Technology Company duly incorporated with an objective of providing technology driven financial solution to various organization.

The Company is committed to the guiding principles of fair, equitable and responsible practice, and that all creditworthy customers are treated fairly, equally and have nondiscriminatory access to Financial Products. It provides potential creditworthy customers an equal opportunity to apply for each of the products offered by the Company.

The Company also recognizes that affirmative steps must be taken to ensure that its fair, equitable and responsible lending principles are applied continuously and consistently through all aspects of its Operations.

The Company commits to abide by the following core values-

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Empathy
    • Integrity
    • Diversity
    • Loyalty
    • Ownership


  1. The Company shall be obliged to comply with all provisions of all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. The Company must offer products and services that are not misleading, deceptive or unclear. Company must ensure that marketing and advertising material and outreach to customers is not false, misleading or deceptive.
  3. The Company must ensure to work with only registered entities which are allowed to provide the respective Financial products.
  4. Every effort must be made by the Company to provide details terms and conditions of the financial product and services offered in a format and language that customers would reasonably understand
  5. The Company must provide the details of all costs and fees related to the products upfront to the Customers, details of Lenders/Entity providing the financial products alongwith their Customer support details and such other relevant details which is required to enable Customers to make informed decision.
  6. The Company shall ensure that employees, staff, representatives and agents are adequately trained to deal with the customers in an appropriate manner to give effect to the above.
  7. The Company must have a system to ensure the accuracy of the data and information provided by a customer.
  8. The Company must provide timely information about loan payments due and outstanding loan amounts in a format that the customer clearly understands.
  9. The Company shall ensure that there is no undue harassment or intimidation (physical or verbal) of customers, including practices such as calling (or threatening to call) any family member of the customer or any person associated with the customer.
  10. The Company must follow a consent-based architecture for data capture with informed consent provided by the customer following a detailed explanation of the data being captured and used (including sharing of such data with third parties). The Company shall preserve such digital records of customer consent(s) as proof of informed consent.
  11. Unless authorized by the Customer, the Company shall retain all information shared by the Customer as private and confidential information and shall not reveal any details or information to any persons without consent except as may be required (a) under statutory or regulatory laws or pursuant to an order of a court or any other authority; (b) in public interest (c) to provide the service for which customer has applied for.
  12. Company shall ensure that its Employees/Agents shall all time abide by the prescribed code of conduct while dealing with the Customers.