We at Datasigns aim to democratize credit and make it available to all. Our technology platform is transforming consumer lending. It is doing so by busting the myths that it is hard to get data, difficult to store it and even tougher to use it. We help loan companies make smarter credit decisions and expand the availability of fair and transparent credit.

Why Partner with Us

Increase Your Reach
  • Access unexplored market - Urban and semi-urban aspirers
  • Onboard “New to Credit” and “Thin File” customers using the MyShubhLife Credit Score
Optimize Your Acquisition and Operations Cost
  • With MyShubhLife you get a mobile based fully digital lending and distribution platform
  • We have a model aimed at helping lenders build their loan book at an optimal IRR meaning higher weighted returns.
  • Get Assured IRR on your portfolio
  • Risk sharing model
Use Our Technology to Your Advantage
  • Choose from multiple levels of engagement - White label, SDK, API
  • First of a kind on demand and real time portfolio monitoringservices

Our Lending Partners

Name of the Lending Partner Grievance officer details
(For complaints related to digital lending, Fintech related matters & digital lending Apps )

Mr. Harish Kumar
HDB Financial Services Limited
Address: New No: 128/4F, Old No: Door No. 53 A,
4th Floor M. N. Office Complex, Greams Road,
Chennai – 600006
Telephone - 044 42984542
E-mail: gro@hdbfs.com

Mrs. Asha Daniel
Ekagrata Finance Private Limited
Address: Nova Miller, 333. Thimmiah Road,
Vasanth Nagar Bangalore – 560052
Telephone - 080-47185299
E-mail: grievance@ekagratafinance.com

Ms.Mangal Sarang
Axis Finance Limited
Address: Axis House, Ground Floor,
C2, Wadia International Centre
P.B. Marg, Worli,
Mumbai – 400025
Telephone: - 91-22-62260000 Extn : 1049
E-mail: grievance@axisfinance.in

Mr. Vaidyanathan Ramamoorthy
Incred Financial Services Limited
Address: 1203, 12th Floor,
B Wing, The Capital,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Mumbai - 400 051,
Telephone: - 022-42117799
E-mail: incred.grievance@incred.com