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Shubh Saathi Corporate Financial Wellness Program

Shubh Saathi, our corporate employee benefit program allows your employees to access various financial products on MyShubhLife app, for their financial health and well being

Personal Loan

Personal Loans


Insurance - Personal & Group


E - Gold

Mutual Funds SIPs

Mutual Funds SIPs

Tax Filing

Tax Filing

Pay Bills

Pay Bills

Benefits to the Gold member company

Access to formal Credit

Access to Formal Credit

Provide easy access to formal credit to your employees who tend to borrow from informal sources. This means more financial freedom that lowers employee stress levels.

Employee Management
Better Employee Engagement

Financially secure employees also tend to be more focussed on work - leading to stronger employee engagement and reduced attrition levels.

Financial Literacy
Promote Financial Literacy

Promote financial awareness through our personal finance events, to enable employees to make informed decisions about their finances.

Working Capital
Optimising Working Capital

Optimize working capital by reducing cash outflows towards ad-hoc salary advances, rent advances and festival advances that are needed by employees from time to time.

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